Thursday, February 25, 2016

First Light - Right Or Wrong

Cameo - Skin I'm In!s7aCSVIEJFIk/cameo-skin-i-m-in-mp3

Joe Thomas - Tongue Twister

Barbara Norris - Heavy Hitter

Geraldine Hunt - It Doesn't Only Happen At Night

Atlanta - More Than Funky

Seduction - Move Your Body (Sexy Body)

Intensive Heat - You Know I Want You Back

Billy Newton Davis - Romance

Wonsey's - Tracin'
By  Funkystein.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spoonie Gee Meets The Sequence - Monster Jam

Outlaw Four - Million Dollar Legs (Rap)

Hokis Pokis - City Rhythm

Leprauchaun - Reach Out (And Touch Someone)

Quantum - Love Song

Frank & Bert - No One's Gonna Love You

The Scheme - (She's So) Passionate

Suzy Q. - Come Let's Have A Party