Sunday, August 30, 2015

Johnson - Afraid To Be Real

The Conway Brothers - I Can't Fight It

Rodney Stepp - Break Out

AD 2000 - Love Time Machine

Allen Bros. & Company - Cool Fool

Adrian Baker - High Time

The Now Band - No Music

Chosen 3 - Never Again

Brenda & The Big Dudes - Bongani

Tyrone Matherson - Feel Free To Dance

Herman Attaway - Tell Me Black History

Drac - I Want Your Love

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Perfect Fit - Heartbreaking

Gwen McCrae - Generate Love

Cliff Branch - Don't Give Up (On Love)

G. Men - Turn It Up

Splash - When We Touch

Amy Bolton - Get Up And Get It

Frederick 'MC Count' Linton - I'm Somebody Else's Guy

East Liberty Quarters - If You Want My Love / Worlds Away
By OyOy66

James Taylor - Nite People

E.J. Rice - Will You Be Coming Back

The X. Man - That Body

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Moxie - When You're That Way

Horizon - Feel The Funk

Tyrone & Friends - Birthday Song

Checker Kabb - By My Side

The Stewarts - Dance And Finger Pop

Rodney Saulsberry - Look Watcha Done Now

Kick - Right Thing
By OyOy66

Kick - Lollie Pop

Masterplan - Loving, Living, Laughing

Fish - This Is Life

Brass Monkey Feat. Fletcher Tomlin - Party When I Can

Nu Cru - High Cost

Vitamin "A" - Hot Stuff

Dorian - Stacked To The "T"

Pierce Brothers - Party Person

Peoples Choice - Strikin'

Heart To Heart - Pretty Girls

Spooks In Space - The Amazing Adventures Of Jungle Jenny