Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thunderstorm - Here's To You

Tutt Band - Love Is Dangerous

Kigoy - I'm Coming Around

Mr. 45 - Ooh La La

Twin Image - Love Lesson

Daniel Sahuleka - We'll Go Out Tonight

William Robinson - Prime Time

Rain Bow's Valley - You've Got Everything

Expo Feat. J. Eliot Robinson - Road To Sunshine

Bess - Take (Total) Control

Strutt - Take Me To Your Party

Galaxy - We're Here To Rock You

Larry Garner - Come And Dance

Crosswind - Get Ready

Proton Plus - Pay Up

Dennis Dean - I Feel It

Cubby St. Charles - Party

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ron Wilson - Prove It To Me

Donald Albert - The Hardest Part

Rose Davis - Too Smart For That

Demetrius - If You Want To Fool Around

Michael Pedicin Jr. - Just West Of The East Side

C.B. & Just Us - Won't You

Janice - Bye Bye

Lustt - Pillow Talk

Annette Taylor - It Must Be Right

Sharon Nelson - Standing Invitation

Sizzle - Keep On Tryin'

Clay Hunt - Keep Me On Fire

The Gap Band - First Lover